Blätterbalken Wiesenalm

Cultural assetMasterwort

It is almost sacred to the people of Zillertal: masterwort not only helps digestion and bronchitis, it is also said to have a variety of healing effects. The Meisterwurz Bar takes its name from the local medicinal plant and it is the main ingredient of the in-house “Wiesenmedizin” products. These include fresh masterwort tea as well as masterwort incense and masterwort snuff.

And since “high-proof" also sometimes has a healing effect, there is of course also the masterwort schnapps. “DER Meisterwurz” is the classic, strong version of the well-known fine brandy, “DIE Meisterwurzin” is somewhat more elegant, milder and sweeter in taste.

The Meisterwurz Bar is part of the Wiesenalm and therefore has the same opening hours, serving a selection of food and drink.

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