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Indulgent moments at the Wiesenalm: regionality with an international touch

Pizza at the Wiesenalm? No such thing – instead there’s the crispy “Wiesenfleck” in different varieties from meaty to vegetarian. The alpine breakfast is served in the unmistakable “Neuner Kastl”, a custom-made wooden tool box, based on the local craftsmen’s tradition of taking a break at 9.00 a.m. – or “Neunern”, as the people of Zillertal say.

Blätterbalken Wiesenalm

If you take a look out the window on the way up to the Wiesenalm, you can see the chickens providing fresh eggs. The majority of the food comes from local farmers: all the meat and sausage products come from Zillertal, as do the dairy products and mountain cheese. And when Thomas Stock and his kitchen team get their hands on them, not only are Zillertal specialities created but also unforgettable moments of indulgence made from the finest regional ingredients.

Blätterbalken Wiesenalm


Our WiesenalmHOUSE WINES

Wine is a matter close to the heart of Thomas Stock, who runs the Wiesenalm and is a qualified sommelier. Together with friends and renowned wine producers from Austria, Leo Hillinger, Philipp Bründlmayer and Tom Strommer, a great deal of passion and finesse was put into the Wiesen house wine line.

Indulgentwine tasting

Together with sommelier Thomas Stock we immerse ourselves in the flavours of the world of vines and grapes and explore the diversity of the wine country Austria.

  • 1 glass of Wiesen Secco Rosé // Tasting 3 white and 3 red wines from Austria // Alpine snack with regional Zillertal specialities
  • From 2.00 p.m., lasts approx. 2 hours // Minimum age: 18 years // Bookable for 4 people or more

€45.00 per person

Reservations on +43 664 3060050